Keeping Your Pet Safe From Mosquitoes

Keeping Your Pet Safe From Mosquitoes

When it comes to pet safety, making sure they remain unbitten by bugs should be at the top of the list. Bug bites can often lead to complications, and mosquito bites are no exception. As spring and summer draws closer, keeping the safety of your pets and yourself at the front of your mind becomes more important as you prepare to keep your home safe from these pests.

To help your pets stay safe from mosquitoes this year, keep some of the following tips in mind so that both you and your pets can stay free of bites from these bugs.

First off, look for pet-friendly mosquito repellents. Much like humans can go to the store and purchase bug repellent for use in repelling mosquitoes outdoors, you can also find pet-friendly mosquito repellent. Take a visit to your vet’s office to get your hands on bug spray that will be right for your pet.

You should also think about keeping your pets inside when mosquitoes are most active. If possible, try to keep your pets inside during the warmest parts of the day to avoid attracting mosquitoes. Wait until cooler parts of the day if at all possible to take your pets outside.

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Finally, you should keep an eye on the entrances to your home (such as screen doors or windows) to ensure bugs can’t easily get in. This will protect both you and your pets from mosquitoes easily making their way inside.

To make a huge dent in the amount of mosquitoes in your yard that could potentially bug you or your pets, get in touch with mosquito control services in Tampa to come and treat your yard for the pests. Hopefully, this will be enough to keep the mosquitoes at bay and allow you and your pets to enjoy some time unbothered outdoors.